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Below are Examples of searches you can perform using FDAble

To find drug adverse event cases where aspirin was listed in the report:

(1) Type aspirin      (2) Press Search Help1

To find drug adverse events by Patient Age, Gender, Outcome, Report Dates, etc.

Click on Advanced Search Help2

To find drug adverse event cases involving Vioxx or its generic equivalent.

(1) Type Vioxx OR Rofecoxib      (2) Press Search. Help3

To find drug adverse event cases where tendon rupture was a reported adverse event:

(1) Type tendon rupture      (2) Press Search. Help4

To perform a safety signal analysis on the drug Baycol or its generic equivalent using the PRR method:

(1) Select Search for Potential Drug Safety Signals      (2) Type baycol or cerivastatin (3) Press Search Help5